Upstairs- Tardeo


Upstairs, an Asian style bistro and bar located in a commercial complex of Tardeo area could be an option for catching up with friends over a few drinks for they lower the cost of your every next drink and 4th one is on the house and could be a good option for a date too if you prefer a roof top lounge with soft music. Getting here isn’t much of a task however a sign board/ banner outside the building would be helpful

Ambience: a roof top lounge accompanied with a black and gold themed indoor seating with a bar counter and floor good enough to tap your feet. At the entrance, you will find an enchanting buddha bust which is a nice welcome for Asian resto. upon entering the indoor area, the gold themed bar might tempt you for some drinks. With a giant door on the right, you will enter their roof top area which is breezy and has multiple seating options with an upper deck area too. their wooden sofa seating is good and is too big. the ambience is supported by some nice tunes in the background that makes your experience a pleasant one.

Drinks: A special mention of Mr. Naidu is much needed here who was mixing drinks for Shaikhs in Mid-east from years and is now at Upstairs to give you a WOW experience with his mixers. so, I personally am not a mocktail lover but this guy made me love all drinks he made me. he won’t give you an obvious and easy to guess drink but rather would keep it a mystery drink and yet manage to impress you with his mixing skills. for core drinks, they have a new concept where every drink you order of same brand is cheaper compared to your last one and 4th drink of each round comes free.

Food: Dining experience couldn’t any get better when you have some scrumptious food around you with a chef like Yatin who brings his experience with renowned hotels and puts it to best of concept at Upstairs. he dint just walk us through the menu but also gave us a very good understanding of street food in Asia. we were welcomed with a salad called Khimchi salad which was cabbage leaves tossed in some yummy sauce. Next was thukpa, traditional Tibetan soup which is served with noodles in it. For starters, there were chicken & Veg baos on the table which was fresh and very soft bread stuffed with veggies and chicken and yummy sauces. The apple and mushroom baos were claimed tooo sweet by my fellow friends so I avoided.IMG_20170410_144138

From curries, we had Malaysian chicken gravy which was a real deal breaker for the coconut curry with Malaysian sauce were served with Malaysian style white rice and was a treat to my taste buds. There were live counters for Teppanyaki and wok with many options to make you mad. If only you have an appetite like hulk, you can try more than one but you would love the experience of almost all of the offerings from Teppanyaki and wok. I tried the sea food teppanyaki with rice as base and garlic butter sauce. It had veggies along with Vietnamese basa fish which was amazingly yummy and soft. My friend got wok with rice base and sambhal sauce which is spicy and tangy and tastes good with soft chunk of chicken.

Dessert: being a dessert lover, I couldn’t leave my table with something sweet even though I was full a while back with no space for heavy dessert. We conveyed the same to the guy there who didn’t let us go without a sweet ending to our evening and he got us Honey sesame noodles with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This one doesn’t need an explanation but a shot.IMG_20170410_143735

Service: right from the senior management to the support staff, everyone was helpful. Service was timely and prompt. They went a step ahead in suggesting items per our taste buds and were warmly welcoming the suggestions to make it even better.



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